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Part of the RustIEC project goal is the organisation of at least one introductory and two advanced hands-on workshops about learning Rust.

RustIEC 101

RustIEC 101 is our introductory Rust course, based on the A-modules of the "101-rs" course by Tweede Golf. The materials are available at, and the source code is available at

Part 1

This course will be taught in the form of two workshops on:

  • March 14 2023 on the VUB campus;
  • March 27 2023 on the VUB campus;
  • March 28 2023 on the VUB campus;

with a total expected participant count of 35.

Part 2

The second part of the RustIEC 101 course teaches more advanced features of the Rust language.

  • September 13 2023 on the VUB campus;
  • October 19 2023 on the Barco campus;