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For questions that are directly related to the study area of one of the collaborators or contributors, feel free to directly contact the relevant team members.

General questions or joining the project

An Braeken

Would you have interest in joining the project with your company, you can contact An Braeken, on

Technical questions and suggestions

For questions pertaining to the content of the project, you can directly contact the collaborators and contributors.

Web, cloud and async

Ruben De Smet

For questions regarding cloud or web technology, or for asynchronous programming, you may contact Ruben De Smet on

Embedded programming

Thibaut Vandervelden Diana Deac

For questions regarding embedded programming, you can contact Thibaut Vandervelden and Diana Deac

Automatic translation and Linux kernel drivers

Stijn Volckaert Alicia Andries

For questions pertaining to automatic translation or Linux kernel development, you can contact Stijn Volckaert en Alicia Andries.